“We need more thinkers and writers like Andy Steiger. His new book is a terrific example of how to engage people on the questions that really matter.”

Lee Strobel • Bestselling author of The Case for Christ and The Case for Grace


“Everyone thinks about these questions at one time or another but few are willing to discuss them openly, and even fewer people know where to turn for a thoughtful treatment of them. Steiger brings not only theoretical ideas to these questions but real heart as well.”

Paul Chamberlain • Professor of Apologetics and Philosophy, Trinity Western University

“If you want to understand how to address life’s most important issues so you can better respond to the culture’s most pressing questions, Thinking? is a must-read.”

J. Warner Wallace • Cold-Case Homicide Detective, Author of God’s Crime Scene

Sean-McDowell SQ500

“Andy is a natural storyteller with a gift for unwrapping complicated ideas without the insider jargon and fifty-dollar words that only bring confusion.”

Sean McDowell • Assistant Professor of Apologetics, BIOLA University

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